Chapter 1 – The Will of the West

3 Buddies and a Dwarf Duke it out with Evil

Cosby, the Ranger
Joey, the Swordmage
Blue Hawk, the Rogue
Luca Glottenloin, the Dwarf

A land scarred by never-ending war, engulfed in a conflict that has seen the rise and fall of warlords, princes, and kings. The successors to the Daigeran Prince Prion maneuver alongside the cultural heirs to ancient kingdoms, creating an ever changing web of alliances and betrayals. Great battles are fought, but this isn’t a tale of heroism on the battlefield. This is a tale of 3 buddies, brought together by fate, and their quest to do something or other who really knows.

DM Rating of Mystery Solving : 7/10
Number of Times Cosby has Threatened to Kill Joe : 4
Number of Times Cosby Will Threaten Joe Before Joe Kills Him : 8

Number of Times Cosby Almost Died But Got Carried to Safety on the Back of Dirk : 1
Number of Times DM has quit the campaign : 1
Number of Times Joey called the DM a pussy : 1

Number of Female Dwarf Princesses in the Party : 0 (Update: 1)

Total Time Passed: 101 Days

In the Sleep of Death

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