In the Sleep of Death

Aborted Woods - Bandits

The bold heroes tread carefully through the Blackwoods, then quickly turned and fled – deciding instead to escort the apothecary Sy’eelya to Shadyglen. When returning to Trieste, they found that their brief time away had still caused some changes. A colony of dragonkin, hailing from the northern reaches of vale, fled a great disturbance in the land, and came to the town of Trieste as refugees. Drazal, their leader, was approached by Joey to supply guards to the iron mine, and secure it as a temporary home. He accepted, pending some scouts.

Cosby and Blue Hawk attempted to infiltrate the Mayor’s mansion, but left after facing some mild resistance from a locked chest.

Valois, Knight-Protector of the Order of Kaladon, smashed the cultist bases, killing many of them. He advised the adventurers that the Grand-Maester of the Order has ordered him not to pursue the tunnels, until more information is gained. To that end the Grand-Maester personally gave Valois the Soulstone, which he said will be of use against the forces of chaos. In addition, you gained the services of a Knight, Sir Moltke, whose reputation is fearsome even amongst the knights.

Cosby met an elven Elder named A’kal’ai – who in sleep carved the Shadowbane Runes into his bow.

The adventurers left Trieste, and took Sy’eelya to the 3 Roads Inn, on the way to Shadyglen. They met Kriel and Commander Caius, heading to Trieste, in the inn, but their reunion was interrupted by a surprise assault on the inn. A horde of undead assaulted the inn, backed up by Darklings, and an ominous hooded figure. In addition, shadowy wisps surged through the walls, killing many of the innocents.

The heroes manage to save Sy’eelya, as well as 7 innocents. Commander Caius and Kriel were slain in the fight.

After returning the innocents to Shadyglen, the adventurers met a young knight of the Order named Sir Prendigast, who was overseeing the victims of the madness, but he quickly left for Trieste after learning what happened. Then the adventurers assaulted the Bandit Fort, finally ending the reign of Grimgar, and freeing up the weapons for the poor people of Shadyglen. The Adventurers then proceeded to Trieste, to rendezvous with Revan and escort him north.

On the way to the Bandit Fort, Joey experienced a vision.

Toughest Monster Killed:
Zombie Ravager

NPCs Dead:
Commander Caius

Vision A
Vision B

Gold Gained:

Items Gained:
Amulet of the Irksome Bovine

CP Gain:
1 Each



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