In the Sleep of Death

Goblin Camp - Trieste

The adventurers defeated the goblin camp located in the mountains Northeast of Shadyglen, delivering a fatal blow to the mining operation and war camp. They saved Michael, Captain of the Guard of Shadyglen, and secured the mine with the aid of Rialis in order to provide a profitable income in the future. Inside the cave, they discovered an abundance of wheat, barley, and other such goods – provided peacefully in trade so it seems. In addition, they discovered a suppply of weapons, and a goblin ledger later translated to reveal another camp somewhere in the region.

The adventurers found that Gerrault and Caius were back at Shadyglen, Caius still unconscious but Gerrault eager to journey onward to Thalmus. You managed to covince the skilled ranger to do some reconnaissance around the area before he departed.

The adventurers moved on, encountering a group of adventurers in the 3 Roads Inn, and intercepting a package of divination materials intended for Revan in Trieste. They also made the acquaintance of a ranger named K’Yeel, a half-elf who invited them to his cabin on the edge of the Blackwoods.

The road to Trieste was uneventful, but their stay in Trieste, while brief, was anything but. They met Revan, the Shadow Adept, who invited them to accompany him to a Lemmmish Archaeologist’s camp to the north, and his mysterious companions. A ritual murder went unsolved, a meeting of nobleman including the mayor Richeu and his guest Sir Griere of Calais discussed sedition in a house bedecked with ominous paintings, and the knights of the Order of Kaladon lead by Knight-Protector Valois searched through the refugee camps for servants of Chaos. The adventurers found a passageway into the underground similar to the one in Shadyglen beneath an artists studio, but were scared off by the onset of madness. They told Valois of possible locations of cultists meeting, and learned of missing loggers in the Blackwoods. In addition, they met with Sy’eelya the Apothecary, who offered to travel back to Shadyglen with them, and Griori, the blacksmith of the town.

Toughest Monster Killed:
Carrion Crawler

NPCs Died:
Terzok, Wrath of the Horde

Loot Acquired
Metal Bracers of the Wind (2 Dex)
Star ore (
1 enhancement bonus)
Ruby (Worth 200 gold)
Greataxe +1
Boots of Synchronicity ( 1/day, when adjacent ally hits an opponent, you may attack that opponent)



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