In the Sleep of Death

Thalmus to the Briarwoods

The heroes adventured north, to Thalmus, a city possessed by the specter of an ancient King. The ghostly inhabitants of the city, which they called Ivalice, said they served King Leither the Bold, lord of Val’Sestrael. Cosby was surprised to discover his ancient people living as ghosts in the city, and when they saw him they gave a unique salute, and intoned ’Twatha’nur’ (Never Disgraced)!

The adventurers heard many strange things in the city, but managed to finally subvert the king’s curse and banish his illusion before much harm was caused. The remaining citizens fled with their goods to the Chapterhouse of the Order, and Alizee decided to join the group to help avenge her father.

The heroes journeyed north, reaching the Elven Encampment, where they found the death of the ancient elder elf, slain by rampaging shadow monks. Searching his secret basement, you found a series of ancient documents detailing the legends of the Grey Elves. The heroes were joined by Peracles, a Daguerran, and left Ser Prendigast and Gerrault to go North to Byron’s encampment.

The heroes ended the threat of the Shadow Monks, and found the mysterious cloaked figure, who proved as cryptic as the rest of the people of the Vale. They returned to the elven encampment, split ways with Peracles, and went north to rendesvous with Gerrault and Prendigast.

Prendigast, infected with an incurable sickness, was put out of his misery by the heroes, and the remainded journeyed into the mysterious, threatening bristlewood that surrounded Byron’s home.

Items Found:
Collection of Elvish Tales
Crystal with Blood-Red Veins
Obsidian Orb



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