In the Sleep of Death

The Destruction of Shadyglen

The Heroes returned to Trieste, only to hear of the destruction of Shadyglen – refugees flooding into town. The additional stress of more refugees was exacerbated by the discovery that the mayor’s grain silos, normally filled with the wheat purchased in winter months, is empty, and that the outlying farms have been depleted of manpower through duplicitous means.

Tensions running hot, they went hotter still as the Heroes provided the refugees with a source of arms, and attempted a disastrous infiltration of the Mayor’s house, in which Cosby the Elf was almost taken captive, but for the heroics of the brave young Dirk Dash.

They learned that the mayor’s daughter Alizee is being held in thalmus by a mysterious man.

The adventurers lead Revan to the meet Palin, who told them of Dubal discovery of these ancient ruins, and distributed them about the lands – though he has recently gone missing. With the aid of the journals the heroes discovered, they led to a Marshy Swamp, where they met Priya, Dubal’s former assistant and a scholar of ancient languages. The swamp attempted to bar their passing, but through persistence, skill, and luck, the heroes triumphed. Reaching the ruins, they used the other journal recovered from the Mayor to decode the runes, gaining entrance.

In the ruins they discovered a mystical setup, with a series of runes setup around the room corresponding to locations on the map, one of the symbols was pulsing with power, and they were all linked to a massive earthern bowl set into the ground at the center of the room. Revan stated that the bowl is a focus, meant to represent what is being mystically held within. The heroes obtained the Obsidian Necklace, which Joe placed around his neck receiving a vision.

The glyph brought them back to Trieste, which had boiled over, outright war was being waged between refugee and citizen. The heroes tricked the citizens into an ambush with the help of Werther and Drazal, which lead to their quick defeat, and a slaughter of citizens ensued.

The heroes made their way down to the ruins beneath the city, but were overcome by cowardice at the site of hobgoblins, so scary, and ran like babies leaving Priya and Sir Moltke to their morbid fate. They hope to try again, praying that this delay did not cost them the campaign (hint: it might have).



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