In the Sleep of Death

The Destruction of Trieste

The heroes triumphed on their second visit to the ruins, securing, through the aid of a puzzling ghost, the destruction of the ruins – though it seems that their actions may have inadvertently worsened the destruction above. While inside, they gained many strange treasures, and Cosby had a vision of a far away Elven Citadel, buried deep in the northern mountains.

When they emerged from the ruins, it appeared that Trieste lay in ruins, a slaughter compounded by a mysterious life draining force that ravaged the populace. Most of those you knew in the town lay dead, with the exception of Sy’eel’ya, saved by the sacrifice of Werther, whose sanity was restored by your impassioned appeal.

Valois and the Knights of Kaladon took in the refugees, bringing them to the Chapterhouse of the Order at the behest of the Grand Maester. Behind its strong walls, they will find safety from the darklings and the shadow creatures that now haunt the vale.

The heroes proceeded back to the Swamp Ruins, where they found the mysterious Earthern Bowl flooded with magic, pulsating with the power it has acquired – the rune of Trieste now as dull and exhausted as that of Shadyglen, though also oddly cracked.

Revan and Palin were dismayed at the news of Priya death, and Palin says that his research will be severely hampered without her. He does, however, know a story that Dubain would tell of, of finding an old man, in a village of trappers far to the north, a man who told him stories of the Vale, who spoke the old languages, more than any other man alive should know. Palin and Revan both agree that finding this man offers the best chance of discovering what is going on in the region.

Toughest Monster Killed:
Flame Skull

NPCs Lost:
Too many to list :(

Items Found:
Thundaga, the Obsidian Hammer
An Ornately Drawn Rod
Granite Tablets
Ethorian Crystals
Golden Belt of the New Dawn
Ritual Notes

Days of Adventuring:



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