In the Sleep of Death

The Elven Shitadel

The brave and noble, and something annoying (I’m looking at you Phil), adventurers continued their journey – after slaying the corrupted treant they met with Byron, a Mage who knew much of the history of the Vale. He informed them that he had helped a scholarly man named Dieter learn more about the Will of the West, and of the ancient tales, and that the man, who went to go rescue his son from Cultists, returned, convinced that the wars were all a plot to raise an ancient evil. He believed he knew another way, to prevent this disaster, to create a more acceptable future.

They left Byron, he went South to journey to meet with Revan and Palin. The heroes took a short detour, into a moment of horror, from which The Gift of Silver was received. Continuing on to the Elven Citadel, they found it a most mysterious place – with the cold settling on them, they hurried to find a way into the catacombs. On figuring out how to continue, they were ambushed by the adventuring party they met prior. Defeating them they…….

Common Items Found:

2*Minor Healing Potion
Ring of House D’oreal (+ 1 ring)
Longsword 1
Flask of Vigor (
10 temp hp)
Symbol of Steel( + 2 – 1/day empower your ability to give all allies in the burst DR 5/- for one turn)
Flail 3, Skullcrusher (crits deal D10 and daze the enemy)
2, Enraged (When you are bloodied, you deal an additional 4 damage)
Amulet of the Laast Gaard (destroyed already)
Oil of Blessing (Blesses a weapon for an encounter)
3 Vials of Holy WAter
Priestly Ceremonial Robes – AC bonus 5, Will Bonus 3, + 4 concentration and arcana, 1/day rituals performed with the robe are + 2
Avania’s Spark – Legendary Horn of Flame – Allows user to let out a torrent of flame (6D6) in a straight line 5 long. + 1/2 level + dex or int bonus vs ref
Scimitar+ 2, Frostborne – Deals 1d6 frost damage, slows on crits, resist 5/- cold
Knife+2, Bloodied – Inflicts bleeding 5 wound on hit
Leather+1 of Shadowed Step (1/encoutner, may teleport 10 squares a move action)
Ring of the Deceiver (+ 4 to thievery, 4 to hide, +1 to reflex saves, +1 to hit while you have CA)
Fireborne Plate, + 2, Resist Fire 5/-, Any source of Fire Damage you deal does 4 extra damage
Great Helm (heavy armor) of Alertness, cannot be flanked
Faded Boots of the Lost Path, 1/day, at the end of all your actions, you may return to where you began your turn
Robes of the Shemite Order – DR 5/-, +1 armor bonus Ac/will/fort/ref, 1/day Regain a utility power just used, +2 to attacks with magic descriptor
Stave of Bleeding
2, 1/day add bleeding to a succesful hit
Ring of Shattered Omens (emits a 5 burst sonic attack vs fort, dealing d6 per 2 levels of user, weakens structures – minor action)
Lightning Blade(Longsword) +2, deals 1D6 lightning damage on hit
scail armor +2
Orb of Entrapment – 5 + ½ lvl + dex, grapples at +15 – 1/use

Interesting Items Found:
Maple and Mithril Base of a Wand
Dragon Buckle
Magnificent Purple Gem
Coral Flute
Mithril Coins
Strange Calendar
Map of the Ancient Vale
Mithril Focus in Triangular Form
Archwizard’s Seal
General’s Engraved Knife
Forging Hammer Engraved with Runes of the Earthmother

Iridium Ore
Mithril Ore
Azure Ore
2*Star Ore

8 gold bars
mithril bar
564 gold

Note: note saying only “after your job is complete, head to the swamp ruins, finish off everyone you find there, your final payment will be yours when you return to Calais” – the script is flowing, and refined

The Citadel grows colder, and the life of the Vale hangs in the balance…. can the adventurers find and defeat the source of these troubles?



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