In the Sleep of Death

The Incident - Shadyglen

The adventures found themselves thrust together by fate, drafted under the banner of the legion and ambushed in the arctic peaks of fabled Halfiya pass. Saved by the labors of the ranger Gerrault, they accompanied the remaining legionnaire, Kriel, and made their way to the restive hamlet of Shadyglen.

On the way to Shadyglen the adventurers rescued a farmer’s wife and her son, Collin, after fighting a difficult battle against an Ominous Scarred Orc and his followers. The orc cautioned the adventurers to leave things alone, before he rode off on a massive Worg.

At Shadyglen the adventurers found a conflict between the presumed mayor, Finch, and a per-eminent member of society, Rialis, about the method of handling the hamlet’s security, with the recent increase in goblin and orc violence. Finch wants you to investigate the disappearance of the hamlet guards, and their captain-at-arms, Michael, sent to destroy a goblin camp. Rialis wants you to secure a supply of weapons from a ruined tower occupied by bandits, including the notorious Grimgar the Allslayer.

Suspicious, they investigated the ranger who advised Finch about the goblin camp, Bralin, arriving too late to save him from an orc assault. At his farm they found Erathi coins, rare in an area as remote as the Vale.

On their return to Shadyglen, the adventurers pursued disturbing sounds to a sanitarium, where Sister Janessa of the Order of Kaladon tended to several men of the village who contracted mental disorders. She asked that if you are in Trieste you talk to the elven apothecary, Sy’eelya, who may have an idea about the cause of this illness. Joey had a vision when communing with the first victim, a young boy, and Blue Hawk sought to find a connection between the men afflicted, leading to the nearly derelict home of the Widow Dibbane. Underneath the home, they found a tunnel spiraling into the earth, culminating in a massive, unnerving cave dominated by primordial geological structures and an altar perched at the base of a massive chasm, with the sounds of waves crashing beneath it. In the cave, they found a journal with a map of the Vale and various annotations, a Dagger of Sacrifice, and a puzzling obsidian idol, which Joey immediately threw down the chasm.

Venturing on to find the lost guards, Cosby quickly uncovered the ruse of a false camp and conflict, and tracked the goblins to another, real camp where danger awaits.



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