Order of Kaladon

The Order of Kaladin


The Seven Orders of Avaria preserved the peace of the land for many centuries, using the power of individuals to avoid the massive loss of life that full-scale war would entail. The Order of Kaladon is named after the heroic knight Kaladon, who was the scourge of Chaos, a warrior wielding his mighty opal blade Order. The knights of the order focuses on suppressing chaos beasts, and its maesters to subdue situations that might create chaos, such as famines, before they arise.

The heroes learned from Sister Janessa that the Order of Kaladon has a chapterhouse in the Vale, near Trieste, and that some knights are stationed there.

You have learned that Valois is the Knight-Protector of the Order, and is stationed here.

You have learned that the Order often uses Erathi coins.

You performed some services for the Order, and they gifted you with the Soulstone as well as the services of Sir Moltke.

The order has taken in the remaining refugees from Trieste and Shadyglen, in their chapterhouse.


Order of Kaladon

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