Palin, the Lemmish Archaeologist


Palin is a Lemmish Professor from the Grand College of Lem, an institute known around the world as devoted to the sciences, with a focus on understanding history. You encountered him on a digsite SW of Thalmus, and with the journals you had he was able to decipher Dubal’s first digsite.

Dubal was an archaeologist who came to the vale 20 years ago, and with the help of two locals discovered an amazing collection of Erathor ruins, including a variety of obsidian idols, of the kind you have found. His discovery made him famous. In the last year, he has gone missing, after showing some bizarre behavior, close to a discovery related to the tomes he had found.

Palin decoded the runes in the Swamp Ruin, telling you that this facility is related to The Will of The West, an ancient ritual of tribute, from when the Grey Wastes were the Kingdom of Erathor, and the lands we live in now were just primitive wildlands. The eastern lands would send tribute to the west, “The Will of the West”, that would be collected here in the Vale.

Palin discovered that the massively glowing rune relates to a facility beneath Trieste, an ancient temple complex. He isn’t sure about its purpose, but hopes that you can uncover it.



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