Rialis, a Human Merchant


Rialis is a man of some means in the otherwise poor hamlet of Shadyglen. He is attempting to get the people to push aside Finch, in the belief that better leadership can prevail in these trying times.

The heroes met Rialis after talking with Finch, when he cautioned them that they should be on their guard if helping Finch. He also asked them to secure a supply of weapons from an abandoned bandit fort.

The heroes interrogated Rialis after hearing about his altercation with Bralin, the dead tracker who told Finch where the goblin camp was. During the interrogation they learned nothing, although Joey elicited a slight response when mentioning twisting, odd tunnels.

Rialis admitted to hearing the tunnels from an artist in Trieste. The Adventurers made a deal with Rialis for him to secure the iron ore mines from the goblin camp.

Rialis took his own life after the fall of Shadyglen, and left a note.



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