Captain's Journal


A ruined journal, only bits and pieces can be made out.

‘The catacombs remain sealed, it is only the High Priest and the General who can open it – I look forward to the arrival of General Fael’syath, his is a reputation to be truste…’

‘.. Vay’gris has authorized additional supplies brought into the Citadel, I approve as it undoubtedly strengthens our capabilities in a siege, though such tim…’

Much later…

‘..a New Dawn agent on the approach to the Citadel, the human was unarmed, and failed to even try to evade us, I am confused, but the machinations of the tainted are not…’

‘… sometimes wish that Gol’narus will arrive to replace me, the prisoner has us all on edge, and with the ceremon…’

‘.. been almost a week since death fell on us, and I write this in sober awareness that times grow darker still. None take heed of my warnings, but I have seen them, from the heights, circling in the night – winged beats, demons of the shackled, waiting for something, lured to us. The Lieutenant tells me not to worry, and the General is preoccupied with thoughts of treachery from…’

‘I am ill at ease’

‘… cannot let this go, the General has taken the rest of the refugees, and some of the laborers, prisoner in the High Hall…. won’t… execute.. take my men and…. go into the dark.’


Captain's Journal

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