Collection of Elvish Tales


These hand-copied stories of the Grey Elves chart back into the darkness of their past, long forgotten by even the most long lived of their kind.

Sab researched Thyalis – The Fetid One, Lord of Pestilence, Crony of Gyarlothep, the Shadow Fiend. The legends say his was a shadow that fell over the land, and from his mouth sprang corruption, and the lands fell fallow, and the animals rotted and became inedible.

Sab researched Thyalis’ Final Battle – The Great General Trie‚ÄôSanni and his blood-brother Sathil’Tyroil stood at the height of the High Cliffs, as the battle raged beneath them. They and the Silver Riders, the greatest of the elven champions, called forth the Fetid One, with the ritual of binding, and struck at him with their collected might. All fell except for Trie’Sanni and Sathil’Tyroil, their weapons sang as one together, Trie’Sanni’s magnificent mythril bow and Sathil’Tyroil’s opal blade, Order. Sathil’Tyroil stuck the best through its back, and Trie’Sanni called out to his ancestors, and spoke his name, and inverted his fate to seal the beast forever beneath the earth.


Collection of Elvish Tales

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