General's Journal


The journal is torn, and only bits and pieces can be made out.

An early entry, at the beginning – ‘…honored at the position as Guardian of the Citadel of the Fallen… perform meditations before the statue of the fallen every night, it clears…hidden though I do not…’

‘I am impressed with the capabilities of the soldiers here, all perform with an excellence that cannot be faulted…’

’.. continues, the Standard of the Unbreakable flies at the top…"

Much later… ‘…this will be the fifth year celebration, and the number of pilgrims that will be arriving in a few months for the ceremony will…’

Towards the end, in a desperate scribbled script..

‘I know that the beasts’ servants are here, they will burn, I… …. locked away, forced that shifty wizard to enchant statu… only true champions will match the challeng… ’


General's Journal

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