High Priest's Journal


‘We of the Grey Order maintain the shrines of the great heroes, so that their memory burns as an inspiration forever in the hearts of all freed men. I am blessed with two of the most devout members of the order I have ever had, and the rising swell of those who look to the citadel for guidance grant us clarity of vision and hope for the future.’

The journal is ruined again until the end

‘… blessings of the Patriarch on the vestibule fonts, their waters run strong with…’

‘Death swept on us, from the plains below, and was blunted only by the wards on the citadel walls. The guards outside died, in horrible agony, boils erupting from their skin. It is like the days of the Breaking Wars, is it possible that those we placed forever in chains awaken already?’

‘Yesterday one of the guards got into the Catacombs, he was killed, but not before defiling the Urn of Avalon, and Lieutenant Vay’siss reports the urn destroyed, a loss that cannot be redeemed. Times are growing desperate, and people are confused, worried. We have no word from the outside, and my prayers fall on deaf ears.’

’It has been almost two weeks, the food supplies do not run low, but still, it is as if a madness falls on these noble men, the general has had several soldiers and most of the pilgrims taken away to the catacombs, not to be seen since. Worst was the loss of our wizard, who was sent into the tombs with the soldiers – a peculiar man but our best hope at discovering the source of these disasters. Hmm, a sound from the tower, I wonder."


High Priest's Journal

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