Luca's Dream

A Dream Only Luca Experienced


Luca had this dream while the other members of the group the Shared Dream

You stand at the entrance to the Hall of Names, your mother smiling down at you, as she squeezes your hand encouragingly. No one is allowed in the hall outside of their naming day, except the Rune Priestesses of the Earth Mother – and this is to be your only time inside unless you follow in your mother’s footsteps. The earth shakes around you, but your mother continues to move with unerring purpose towards the Hall.

“You know Luca, that we keep our compact with the Earthmother, in her name we shed our own.” She cuts off your question before it can be spoken, with a smile “It is not for us to ask, we are guests in the Mother’s land, and we give to her in return for the safety she offers us.”
You pass beneath the archway, into the Hall of Names, it is an endless chamber of broken stone, the shards of those whose names have been shattered in the past – the tunnel winds its way endlessly, lit dimly by adamantium sconces. The quakes continue, growing worse, and a hideous tentacled beast smashes its way through the wall ahead of you, continuing on into the adjacent wall. Your mother pats you on the head, and continues down the corridor.

The sounds of war burn into your backside, the shouts of dwarves and the clash of steel, and sounds far more hideous, too hideous to describe even in dreams. You do not turn, and you arrive, with your mother at a single stone. She turns to you, and as you watch, glyphs spin about you, solidifying finally into a shape, a name, something eldritch and unknown, but your mother places a finger on the stnoe, and the glyphs become reality, a glowing sequence of runes etched in the eternity of hard rock, as each appears the equivalent symbol vanishes from the air about you.

Finally it is done, the etching is complete. In the darkness, crawling things surround you, their suctioned tentacles undulating, you feel their dark breath on your skin, your soul prickles with the knowledge of their hideous desires. Your mother smiles, raises her hammer, and brings it crashing down – your name is shattered, undone, the stones become rock yet again. In an instant the dark feelings are gone, and your mother holds your hand again, as you walk out from the Hall of Names.

(You learn the Rune of Naming, which allows you to call out a name if it is known) – you cannot use its daily yet


Luca's Dream

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