Priestess' Journal


‘… not sure what Brith’Queel expects, the Erathor crystals are irreplaceable… interacts with the sacred flame but…. worth it..’

“Wiali’Beq is cute, he has finally gotten the nerve to talk to me.”

“… cannot believe Mulyani’Thee chose me to setup the challenge for the refugees.. am honored… from Pry’Meel’s Tale of the Minstrel, it will…’

“The general has taken so many of the pilgrims down to the catacombs ,he says to safeguard them, but the look in the soldiers eyes when they return… i don’t… i dont want to think about what is going on.”

“The tower resounds with a terrible sound, the howls of devils split my ears. Mulyani’Thee tells me to stay… I do not know where Wiali’Beq is, I had an amulet made for him, I will leave it in his favorite book, I hope love steers him back to it. Earthmother guide us…”


Priestess' Journal

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