Quartermaster's Journal


“Special orders come in from the brass, whole new big shipment, orders not to inspect certain boxes, fine, make sure things get to right person”

“Mulyani’Thee – White Robes with Gold Stiching”
“Vay’gris – Copper and Silver belt with a Dragon Insignia”
“Fael’syath – Purple Vest Written with the Script of Distant Evaria”
“Wiali’Beq – Coral flute”
“Brith’Queel – Thick Quilted Apron”
“Allya’tas’eer – Gold-Rimmed Glasses”
“Akayla – Butterfly Pendant”
“Lebbit – Small Sized Linens”

“Metal for the bars to Brith’Queel, Kal’ee’Prasal says the jail cells are too weak”

“I left something special for the boys in the loft, hope they enjoy it”

Much later

“.. ordered me to hold the focus here.. why they installed the gates if…”


Quartermaster's Journal

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