Rialis' Note


With my last breath I write you this letter, in the hopes that you can set right my folly. I brought the Orc monster called Greel from the Erathi lands, on a trip scouting for markets for the ore that I had recently found in the mountains. The idea came to me by a passing wanderer, who listened to my sorrows and in whimsy plotted betrayal. Terrorize the people with the specter of raids, and the shadow of a mighty orc, then rush in as their savior, and all the rights of transit would be mine.

It was never meant to go this far. When the killings started, Greel swore it was an accident, but his demeanor had turned from servant to equal, and later only his servants would come to our meetings. I lied about what was in the journal, to protect myself, I thought I didn’t need Greel now, that I could let him go – but the demon wouldn’t leave. Now this, the horror I have brought on my people.

I have written below a map to the Beast’s lair, where his people stretch out their twisted dreams. Perhaps, in vengeance, you can avenge some small measure of this wrong. As to the support he has gained… I never supplied him but the rudimentary in food and weapons. Another has shown his interest, and given rise to this monster – and thus doomed my people. Find this person, avenge us.


Rialis' Note

In the Sleep of Death jperry82