Shared Dream

A Dream Shared by All Except Luca


A voice echoes through your dreams, something primal, it speaks without words but with feeling, intentions, impressions. The vague impression of the world around you shifts, the will asserts itself, binding to you, culling the ego, leaving an emptiness that becomes you. In the dream you intone, a chorus of all mankind rising above the earth, raised to the stars above, and beyond, into the darkness where man’s dreams go in their final waning moments. In emptiness, you become beauty, and turn to see a world made grey, a cloud sweeping its way over the nations of Avaria….

You awaken, the ground quakes about you, a faintly heard sound of movement, deep below you, echoes in your mind.

Alizee is huddled into a ball, shaking, mouthing words without sound. “Leither would never let me forget, that the end comes for us, that the true darkness awaits us, he made me watch the beast rise, over and over and over…”

Gerrault is noticeably shaken.


Shared Dream

In the Sleep of Death jperry82