The Obsidian Necklace


An amulet consisting of three interlocked S’s… when Joey placed it around his neck…

You immediately seize up, a wall of thoughts hastily thrown up as a defense against the torrent that pours down upon you is brushed aside – and you fade into vision.

The moment becomes clear again, a moment inside an infinity, the tides of time flow by you – you are in all of time and outside of it.

“The amulet was borne by me, by another me, many years ago.” You look up to the heavenly voice that speaks, and gaze into the dark, ebon eyes of the beautiful woman you saw trapped in the cage, after you first entered the vale. “They cannot prevent me from speaking to you, from protecting you, while you wear my symbol.” She brushes her hand lightly against the symbol, grazing the skin beneath, causing a chill to settle into your body, and echo out through the entire point of impact.

A part of you wishes to speak, but a greater part merely sits rapt – her head lowers, and yours with it, taking in the stream of luminous blue-green liquid that courses by your feet. She walks along the river and you follow. “There is so much I wish I could tell you, but we cannot express what hasn’t happened, and here – nothing has occurred, and it never will.”

You lose yourself in the rhythm of her walk, in the sway of her body, in the hypnotic allure of her speech. “You walk with darkness, you and your companions. Not only the darkness around you, which, shrouded in its own web of mystery tightens itself till it squeezes at your neck, but also the taint that sits in your own party, a taint that grows stronger still.”

She turns, her eyes no longer kind, but fierce, her words steel “When the time comes, you must believe in yourself. The path is yours to take, and I wait at its end. “

The onrushing tides of eternity crush the walls of the vision, and you recover, on the ground, nose bleeding.


The Obsidian Necklace

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