Vision 1

Joey's First Vision


You sleep, an awareness thereof your first conscious mark of an oncoming vision. The humming distortion dominates the dreamscape as it forms, an awareness of a constant rush of motion at the edge of your perception, but in the now, what can only be thought of as a moment within the moment, all is calm. You are somewhere dark, and cold. The drip of water at constant intervals echoing through this phantom cavern. A single light shines in front of you, and you follow it, through a cave whose curving shape no natural cause could have crafted – the winding angles of the tunnel arousing a primeval repulsion in your core. The light aloft on a stalactite, shedding its glow on a human sized cage, its bars crafted of the deepest, darkest metal you have seen – it reflects no light but sheds dimly an unearthly light of its own. Inside rests a woman of incredible beauty, her dark eyes weeping shadows, her form sinuous in its grace as it turns to you. Her smile makes it mark forever on you, as she whispers “you’ve come… finally…”

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The dreamscape shatters, the void you sensed around you comes on with a fury – you fall into the infinite roar and lose yourself in the strands of fate.

You awaken in the night, covered in sweat – a voice fading “find me…”. This was no vision you are used to, this was.. something completely different.


Vision 1

In the Sleep of Death jperry82