Vision 2

Joey's Second Vision


A vision sets upon you while you walk the long road, you stagger, attempt to catch yourself, but you are carried away. You are standing in a cathedral, the scale of which you have never experienced. By the markings on the wall you realize you must be in the Seat of the Hollows, the ancient cathedral constructed by the first settlers of Avalia, now found in Seleucus’ capital city of Garmont. You know what you are here for. It is your wedding – you look down to see yourself ensconced in the ceremonial robes of State introduced by the Daguerians for their Diadochi. On your belt, a magnificent Opal blade, shimmering like a sword out of legends. You face the priest, but see only a massive stone statue, its only marking a disturbingly hideous face of sorts, carved as if to be emerging from the head of the stone. Beside you, your two new companions stand – the Elf, dressed simply as you first met him, looks upward, the sun is piercing through a hole in the ceiling, but no light shines down from it, instead the Elf beams his own brilliance into the sky above. Behind him, stands the rogue you have met, he is looking at you sadly, a bleeding finger running across the tip of an obsidian knife. Behind him a swarm of men expand out the side door, dressed in various armor decorated with a massive blue hawk, their bows drawn and arrows nocked, aimed at your heart.

You turn, the visitors at your wedding come from all across the land. Every nation imaginable is represented, a man and woman from each country, principality, and town. Each, and every one of them stands, and applauds, as their faces pour blood, from eyes, from noses, from mouths. You finally turn to your bride, a vision in white – you raise her veil, and stare into the darkness beyond.

The vision ends, your head hurts – like when you first received your vision to come to the Vale.


Vision 2

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