Vision 7


You slip gently into another vision, descending swiftly beneath the earth – called back into the tunnels you first traversed when entering the vale 5 months ago. You wind your way through the sinuous network of caverns, your increasing familiarity with a structure so certifiably alien grants you the power to take in what is your seeing with a more careful eye. That peace is disturbed, by the shuddering of the caverns. Rocks fall about you, as you continue your passage deeper into the Earth. The quakes continue to strike at odd intervals, their intensity mounting. You hear a roar, a sound unlike anything you have ever encountered – a deep, wet roar that strikes into, and through you.

Finally you see the glowing river again, The Lady in her obsidian cage – restored to how you first saw her, beautiful, trapped, and gazing into the darkness beyond the water. As you approach, a quake rocks you – knocking you to your knees, you push yourself to your knees and gaze upward, The Lady has turned, her eyes on yours. In the darkness of her gaze, you see fear, but also hope – she opens her mouth to speak but the roar returns, thundering through your consciousness, rending the vision, and muting what she tries to express to you. The earth shakes again, you unsteadily rise, the roar continuing, and the Lady grabs you, pulling you against the Obsidian bars, your body burning at their touch. She screams at you, barely making it over the hellish sound – “do not let him take your name, when the time comes you must give it to me” she touches the amulet around your neck “to me, it must be to me” – the earth surges, upward – rocks fly from all corners of the chamber, and you look up with horror to see a boulder dislodge from above descending towards the cage. The Lady pushes you away, and the boulder crushes her with a sickeningly hideous sound.

You wake up, your body burned from where it was in contact with the bars.


Vision 7

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