Wizard's Journal


“I languish here so far from the great academies of the West, bordered by savages and neophytes, pagans who work their magic with….’

‘… formerly the greatest facility of the region, but where are my reagents?’

‘The Containment runes are strong, it is a shame not to have an orb to study. The manner.. Old Ones.. controlled… is still unknown, though…. Mulyani’Thee believes the orbs contain the demons true names, writ in the same way our soul names marked us as slaves. For a Priest, he…’

‘.. overjoyed by the supplies … no problem… moving towards demonology… promising field, and I’m glad that my enthusiasm has…. met with support in higher command… where he found a sphere..’

‘… worthless apprentice fails to appreciate the power of the communing chamber… lost in thaumaturgy… moon eyes at the priestess, so close to untapping the secrets of the spheres…’

“Told not to ask again, to seal away the communing chamber, and prepare for a team to come destroy it. Fools, don’t they know what we would lose here? If..’

Much later

‘Since the fall of the plague I have abandoned my research into the sphere, though I have been encouraged to continue by the General. Restoring contact with the Arcana Collegiate is the primary concern, we must know if this curse affects our brethren…’

‘… distressing pulsations from the sphere… suspicions behind motives… inform… but whom to trust?’


Wizard's Journal

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