In the Sleep of Death

The Elven Shitadel

The brave and noble, and something annoying (I’m looking at you Phil), adventurers continued their journey – after slaying the corrupted treant they met with Byron, a Mage who knew much of the history of the Vale. He informed them that he had helped a scholarly man named Dieter learn more about the Will of the West, and of the ancient tales, and that the man, who went to go rescue his son from Cultists, returned, convinced that the wars were all a plot to raise an ancient evil. He believed he knew another way, to prevent this disaster, to create a more acceptable future.

They left Byron, he went South to journey to meet with Revan and Palin. The heroes took a short detour, into a moment of horror, from which The Gift of Silver was received. Continuing on to the Elven Citadel, they found it a most mysterious place – with the cold settling on them, they hurried to find a way into the catacombs. On figuring out how to continue, they were ambushed by the adventuring party they met prior. Defeating them they…….

Common Items Found:

2*Minor Healing Potion
Ring of House D’oreal (+ 1 ring)
Longsword 1
Flask of Vigor (
10 temp hp)
Symbol of Steel( + 2 – 1/day empower your ability to give all allies in the burst DR 5/- for one turn)
Flail 3, Skullcrusher (crits deal D10 and daze the enemy)
2, Enraged (When you are bloodied, you deal an additional 4 damage)
Amulet of the Laast Gaard (destroyed already)
Oil of Blessing (Blesses a weapon for an encounter)
3 Vials of Holy WAter
Priestly Ceremonial Robes – AC bonus 5, Will Bonus 3, + 4 concentration and arcana, 1/day rituals performed with the robe are + 2
Avania’s Spark – Legendary Horn of Flame – Allows user to let out a torrent of flame (6D6) in a straight line 5 long. + 1/2 level + dex or int bonus vs ref
Scimitar+ 2, Frostborne – Deals 1d6 frost damage, slows on crits, resist 5/- cold
Knife+2, Bloodied – Inflicts bleeding 5 wound on hit
Leather+1 of Shadowed Step (1/encoutner, may teleport 10 squares a move action)
Ring of the Deceiver (+ 4 to thievery, 4 to hide, +1 to reflex saves, +1 to hit while you have CA)
Fireborne Plate, + 2, Resist Fire 5/-, Any source of Fire Damage you deal does 4 extra damage
Great Helm (heavy armor) of Alertness, cannot be flanked
Faded Boots of the Lost Path, 1/day, at the end of all your actions, you may return to where you began your turn
Robes of the Shemite Order – DR 5/-, +1 armor bonus Ac/will/fort/ref, 1/day Regain a utility power just used, +2 to attacks with magic descriptor
Stave of Bleeding
2, 1/day add bleeding to a succesful hit
Ring of Shattered Omens (emits a 5 burst sonic attack vs fort, dealing d6 per 2 levels of user, weakens structures – minor action)
Lightning Blade(Longsword) +2, deals 1D6 lightning damage on hit
scail armor +2
Orb of Entrapment – 5 + ½ lvl + dex, grapples at +15 – 1/use

Interesting Items Found:
Maple and Mithril Base of a Wand
Dragon Buckle
Magnificent Purple Gem
Coral Flute
Mithril Coins
Strange Calendar
Map of the Ancient Vale
Mithril Focus in Triangular Form
Archwizard’s Seal
General’s Engraved Knife
Forging Hammer Engraved with Runes of the Earthmother

Iridium Ore
Mithril Ore
Azure Ore
2*Star Ore

8 gold bars
mithril bar
564 gold

Note: note saying only “after your job is complete, head to the swamp ruins, finish off everyone you find there, your final payment will be yours when you return to Calais” – the script is flowing, and refined

The Citadel grows colder, and the life of the Vale hangs in the balance…. can the adventurers find and defeat the source of these troubles?

Thalmus to the Briarwoods

The heroes adventured north, to Thalmus, a city possessed by the specter of an ancient King. The ghostly inhabitants of the city, which they called Ivalice, said they served King Leither the Bold, lord of Val’Sestrael. Cosby was surprised to discover his ancient people living as ghosts in the city, and when they saw him they gave a unique salute, and intoned ’Twatha’nur’ (Never Disgraced)!

The adventurers heard many strange things in the city, but managed to finally subvert the king’s curse and banish his illusion before much harm was caused. The remaining citizens fled with their goods to the Chapterhouse of the Order, and Alizee decided to join the group to help avenge her father.

The heroes journeyed north, reaching the Elven Encampment, where they found the death of the ancient elder elf, slain by rampaging shadow monks. Searching his secret basement, you found a series of ancient documents detailing the legends of the Grey Elves. The heroes were joined by Peracles, a Daguerran, and left Ser Prendigast and Gerrault to go North to Byron’s encampment.

The heroes ended the threat of the Shadow Monks, and found the mysterious cloaked figure, who proved as cryptic as the rest of the people of the Vale. They returned to the elven encampment, split ways with Peracles, and went north to rendesvous with Gerrault and Prendigast.

Prendigast, infected with an incurable sickness, was put out of his misery by the heroes, and the remainded journeyed into the mysterious, threatening bristlewood that surrounded Byron’s home.

Items Found:
Collection of Elvish Tales
Crystal with Blood-Red Veins
Obsidian Orb

The Destruction of Trieste

The heroes triumphed on their second visit to the ruins, securing, through the aid of a puzzling ghost, the destruction of the ruins – though it seems that their actions may have inadvertently worsened the destruction above. While inside, they gained many strange treasures, and Cosby had a vision of a far away Elven Citadel, buried deep in the northern mountains.

When they emerged from the ruins, it appeared that Trieste lay in ruins, a slaughter compounded by a mysterious life draining force that ravaged the populace. Most of those you knew in the town lay dead, with the exception of Sy’eel’ya, saved by the sacrifice of Werther, whose sanity was restored by your impassioned appeal.

Valois and the Knights of Kaladon took in the refugees, bringing them to the Chapterhouse of the Order at the behest of the Grand Maester. Behind its strong walls, they will find safety from the darklings and the shadow creatures that now haunt the vale.

The heroes proceeded back to the Swamp Ruins, where they found the mysterious Earthern Bowl flooded with magic, pulsating with the power it has acquired – the rune of Trieste now as dull and exhausted as that of Shadyglen, though also oddly cracked.

Revan and Palin were dismayed at the news of Priya death, and Palin says that his research will be severely hampered without her. He does, however, know a story that Dubain would tell of, of finding an old man, in a village of trappers far to the north, a man who told him stories of the Vale, who spoke the old languages, more than any other man alive should know. Palin and Revan both agree that finding this man offers the best chance of discovering what is going on in the region.

Toughest Monster Killed:
Flame Skull

NPCs Lost:
Too many to list :(

Items Found:
Thundaga, the Obsidian Hammer
An Ornately Drawn Rod
Granite Tablets
Ethorian Crystals
Golden Belt of the New Dawn
Ritual Notes

Days of Adventuring:

The Destruction of Shadyglen

The Heroes returned to Trieste, only to hear of the destruction of Shadyglen – refugees flooding into town. The additional stress of more refugees was exacerbated by the discovery that the mayor’s grain silos, normally filled with the wheat purchased in winter months, is empty, and that the outlying farms have been depleted of manpower through duplicitous means.

Tensions running hot, they went hotter still as the Heroes provided the refugees with a source of arms, and attempted a disastrous infiltration of the Mayor’s house, in which Cosby the Elf was almost taken captive, but for the heroics of the brave young Dirk Dash.

They learned that the mayor’s daughter Alizee is being held in thalmus by a mysterious man.

The adventurers lead Revan to the meet Palin, who told them of Dubal discovery of these ancient ruins, and distributed them about the lands – though he has recently gone missing. With the aid of the journals the heroes discovered, they led to a Marshy Swamp, where they met Priya, Dubal’s former assistant and a scholar of ancient languages. The swamp attempted to bar their passing, but through persistence, skill, and luck, the heroes triumphed. Reaching the ruins, they used the other journal recovered from the Mayor to decode the runes, gaining entrance.

In the ruins they discovered a mystical setup, with a series of runes setup around the room corresponding to locations on the map, one of the symbols was pulsing with power, and they were all linked to a massive earthern bowl set into the ground at the center of the room. Revan stated that the bowl is a focus, meant to represent what is being mystically held within. The heroes obtained the Obsidian Necklace, which Joe placed around his neck receiving a vision.

The glyph brought them back to Trieste, which had boiled over, outright war was being waged between refugee and citizen. The heroes tricked the citizens into an ambush with the help of Werther and Drazal, which lead to their quick defeat, and a slaughter of citizens ensued.

The heroes made their way down to the ruins beneath the city, but were overcome by cowardice at the site of hobgoblins, so scary, and ran like babies leaving Priya and Sir Moltke to their morbid fate. They hope to try again, praying that this delay did not cost them the campaign (hint: it might have).

Aborted Woods - Bandits

The bold heroes tread carefully through the Blackwoods, then quickly turned and fled – deciding instead to escort the apothecary Sy’eelya to Shadyglen. When returning to Trieste, they found that their brief time away had still caused some changes. A colony of dragonkin, hailing from the northern reaches of vale, fled a great disturbance in the land, and came to the town of Trieste as refugees. Drazal, their leader, was approached by Joey to supply guards to the iron mine, and secure it as a temporary home. He accepted, pending some scouts.

Cosby and Blue Hawk attempted to infiltrate the Mayor’s mansion, but left after facing some mild resistance from a locked chest.

Valois, Knight-Protector of the Order of Kaladon, smashed the cultist bases, killing many of them. He advised the adventurers that the Grand-Maester of the Order has ordered him not to pursue the tunnels, until more information is gained. To that end the Grand-Maester personally gave Valois the Soulstone, which he said will be of use against the forces of chaos. In addition, you gained the services of a Knight, Sir Moltke, whose reputation is fearsome even amongst the knights.

Cosby met an elven Elder named A’kal’ai – who in sleep carved the Shadowbane Runes into his bow.

The adventurers left Trieste, and took Sy’eelya to the 3 Roads Inn, on the way to Shadyglen. They met Kriel and Commander Caius, heading to Trieste, in the inn, but their reunion was interrupted by a surprise assault on the inn. A horde of undead assaulted the inn, backed up by Darklings, and an ominous hooded figure. In addition, shadowy wisps surged through the walls, killing many of the innocents.

The heroes manage to save Sy’eelya, as well as 7 innocents. Commander Caius and Kriel were slain in the fight.

After returning the innocents to Shadyglen, the adventurers met a young knight of the Order named Sir Prendigast, who was overseeing the victims of the madness, but he quickly left for Trieste after learning what happened. Then the adventurers assaulted the Bandit Fort, finally ending the reign of Grimgar, and freeing up the weapons for the poor people of Shadyglen. The Adventurers then proceeded to Trieste, to rendezvous with Revan and escort him north.

On the way to the Bandit Fort, Joey experienced a vision.

Toughest Monster Killed:
Zombie Ravager

NPCs Dead:
Commander Caius

Vision A
Vision B

Gold Gained:

Items Gained:
Amulet of the Irksome Bovine

CP Gain:
1 Each

Goblin Camp - Trieste

The adventurers defeated the goblin camp located in the mountains Northeast of Shadyglen, delivering a fatal blow to the mining operation and war camp. They saved Michael, Captain of the Guard of Shadyglen, and secured the mine with the aid of Rialis in order to provide a profitable income in the future. Inside the cave, they discovered an abundance of wheat, barley, and other such goods – provided peacefully in trade so it seems. In addition, they discovered a suppply of weapons, and a goblin ledger later translated to reveal another camp somewhere in the region.

The adventurers found that Gerrault and Caius were back at Shadyglen, Caius still unconscious but Gerrault eager to journey onward to Thalmus. You managed to covince the skilled ranger to do some reconnaissance around the area before he departed.

The adventurers moved on, encountering a group of adventurers in the 3 Roads Inn, and intercepting a package of divination materials intended for Revan in Trieste. They also made the acquaintance of a ranger named K’Yeel, a half-elf who invited them to his cabin on the edge of the Blackwoods.

The road to Trieste was uneventful, but their stay in Trieste, while brief, was anything but. They met Revan, the Shadow Adept, who invited them to accompany him to a Lemmmish Archaeologist’s camp to the north, and his mysterious companions. A ritual murder went unsolved, a meeting of nobleman including the mayor Richeu and his guest Sir Griere of Calais discussed sedition in a house bedecked with ominous paintings, and the knights of the Order of Kaladon lead by Knight-Protector Valois searched through the refugee camps for servants of Chaos. The adventurers found a passageway into the underground similar to the one in Shadyglen beneath an artists studio, but were scared off by the onset of madness. They told Valois of possible locations of cultists meeting, and learned of missing loggers in the Blackwoods. In addition, they met with Sy’eelya the Apothecary, who offered to travel back to Shadyglen with them, and Griori, the blacksmith of the town.

Toughest Monster Killed:
Carrion Crawler

NPCs Died:
Terzok, Wrath of the Horde

Loot Acquired
Metal Bracers of the Wind (2 Dex)
Star ore (
1 enhancement bonus)
Ruby (Worth 200 gold)
Greataxe +1
Boots of Synchronicity ( 1/day, when adjacent ally hits an opponent, you may attack that opponent)

The Incident - Shadyglen

The adventures found themselves thrust together by fate, drafted under the banner of the legion and ambushed in the arctic peaks of fabled Halfiya pass. Saved by the labors of the ranger Gerrault, they accompanied the remaining legionnaire, Kriel, and made their way to the restive hamlet of Shadyglen.

On the way to Shadyglen the adventurers rescued a farmer’s wife and her son, Collin, after fighting a difficult battle against an Ominous Scarred Orc and his followers. The orc cautioned the adventurers to leave things alone, before he rode off on a massive Worg.

At Shadyglen the adventurers found a conflict between the presumed mayor, Finch, and a per-eminent member of society, Rialis, about the method of handling the hamlet’s security, with the recent increase in goblin and orc violence. Finch wants you to investigate the disappearance of the hamlet guards, and their captain-at-arms, Michael, sent to destroy a goblin camp. Rialis wants you to secure a supply of weapons from a ruined tower occupied by bandits, including the notorious Grimgar the Allslayer.

Suspicious, they investigated the ranger who advised Finch about the goblin camp, Bralin, arriving too late to save him from an orc assault. At his farm they found Erathi coins, rare in an area as remote as the Vale.

On their return to Shadyglen, the adventurers pursued disturbing sounds to a sanitarium, where Sister Janessa of the Order of Kaladon tended to several men of the village who contracted mental disorders. She asked that if you are in Trieste you talk to the elven apothecary, Sy’eelya, who may have an idea about the cause of this illness. Joey had a vision when communing with the first victim, a young boy, and Blue Hawk sought to find a connection between the men afflicted, leading to the nearly derelict home of the Widow Dibbane. Underneath the home, they found a tunnel spiraling into the earth, culminating in a massive, unnerving cave dominated by primordial geological structures and an altar perched at the base of a massive chasm, with the sounds of waves crashing beneath it. In the cave, they found a journal with a map of the Vale and various annotations, a Dagger of Sacrifice, and a puzzling obsidian idol, which Joey immediately threw down the chasm.

Venturing on to find the lost guards, Cosby quickly uncovered the ruse of a false camp and conflict, and tracked the goblins to another, real camp where danger awaits.


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